Readable Content: Bombshell Reviews

The two film reviews that I will be discussing are about the film Bombshell. One review was written by Caryn James and the other was written by Christy Lemire. Both of these reviews have their own style and tone, however they were both able to express their opinions successfully.

Caryn James’s review had a variety of fonts and different text sizes, which keeps an audience engaged. It was quick and easy to read. However, because, they wanted to keep the audience engaged through the way the website looked rather than the actual written content. This review was also more of a re-telling of the story instead of an actual review of why the movie was good or bad. The author kept the review very light and didn’t go into much depth about the movie. This review was more visually appealing than the review by Lemire, however a review isn’t about the visuals it’s about the content. 

Lemire’s review about Bombshell, was better written. It had more technical terms, which makes it a bit harder to read if you aren’t a film expert or don’t understand film terminology. Her article was clear and written with one font and one text size, which made it nice and clear to read instead of having the reader’s eyes jump from one text to the next. She made comments that other people might not have thought about. For example, she mentioned the costume designer and how she did an amazing job, giving credit where credit was due. Lemire did a more in depth review, which is better for movie lovers that are trying to decide whether or not they want to go see this movie.

Here are the two reviews:

Author: Caryn James

Author: Christy Lemire

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