Business Writing

Business writing is different from all of the other writing we have done up to this point. Business writing has it’s very own rules and guidelines that should be followed. Here are some of the main things we should focus on to write business style effectively. 

1. Clear Purpose 

Be clear in what you are conveying. Be clear in why you are writing this, no one in business wants to waste time reading something that doesn’t have a purpose. 

2. Clarity and Conciseness

Business writing is not the time for creativity. The priority of business writing is effective communication and correctly relaying information. Avoid using filler words or words that “fluff” the writing. Use precise words and choose the words you use wisely. 

3. Awareness of Audience 

Knowing your audience is key. Knowing who you are writing for can make a world of difference. You need to be aware of the phrases and expressions used to get points across and not use slang. Knowing what your reader or audience wants and needs to hear, allows you to shape your writing. 

4. Appropriate Tone 

Using the correct tone when addressing your audience is very important. Tones in writing can be easily misinterpreted. Avoid sarcasm. Pay attention to the words you use because business writing can come off colder than you intend. Don’t be overly formal or overly familiar, try to find the balance. 

Business writing has many extra rules and more strict guidelines because the writing has a purpose. The purpose is to effectively communicate information to an audience. While all of the other writing we have done is more creative and personal. The audience was ourselves or our professor. But business writing is more for an audience besides ourselves or our professors. 

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