Project Proposal

Create a project. Does that sound easy or hard? At first, it sounded easy. I had so many ideas going through my head I was super excited that I could create whatever I wanted. But when I sat down to start brainstorming and putting my ideas on paper, I had nothing. It started to feel hard.

After spending hours pondering and listing every single idea, even if it was far-fetched. I got the idea that I wanted a project on User Experience Design in the Cosmetics Industry. It might not sound very interesting, but I find it fascinating.

Cosmetics is a rapidly growing industry that had a net worth of $93.5 Billion in 2019 in the United States. This industry has millions of customers and preliminary research shows that women in the U.S. spend around $3,000 annually on cosmetics. Women spending that amount of money on cosmetics means they are having good experiences with these brands. Over 63% of shopping experiences begin online. 

These facts and this information brought me to thinking about how online shopping is such a massive part of our lives and if we don’t have a good experience on a website we won’t return to buy anything else. Which ties the user experience into the project. User experience design, specifically, because it refers to an individual’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular, system, service, or product. It includes the individual’s perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency. 

After knowing the topic and doing some preliminary research to see if there’s enough information about my topic to do a project, I decided that I will be doing a written piece as my project. It will be a long, informative, article of the sort. Now that I have the basics of my project, I decided to create a project proposal to keep me on track. 

As I began the project proposal I knew the topic and the medium, but I wasn’t sure how exactly I was going to put it together. I started with the introduction because that goes first. I wanted readers to understand what exactly I was making. I want people to understand that what I am creating is something that interests me but is also something that might interest others. 

Next comes the problem statement, it has some background information and information about why user experience and cosmetics need to work together. The problem statement is where I said that I wanted to find out which cosmetics websites are doing a good job with user experience and which websites are not. 

I then created a goal for this project because I wanted something to work towards. I wanted to use this project proposal as something to refer to throughout the project to make sure I stay on track with what I originally set out to do. Along with the goal came objectives. Then I wrote out my process, how I was going to find all of the information I needed through research and what kind of images or visuals were going to accompany all of the words that I would be writing in my article. 

I attached the project proposal down below so you can take a look at it as well! 

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