Project Plan

Last week I explained the project proposal and how I got to my idea and what my process was. This week I’ll tell you my plan. I started with the project definition, which helped make my plan more reliable, and it made me think of all the different aspects of the project so that I wouldn’t forget anything while I was creating the project.

I need to keep myself in check as someone who often procrastinates. I don’t want to do that during this project, so I created a Trello plan to keep me on track. The Trello plan has all of the different tasks that I need to finish, and I gave myself due dates because I wanted to make sure I give myself enough time to edit and revise. Trello is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to make a plan and keep themselves to it, but they don’t have planners and want it on the computer.

After creating the Trello plan, I updated my bibliography because I added more sources to it. I also annotated the bibliography, which means that I gave a couple of sentences of explanation for each reference to explain why I’m using it and what significance it has for my project. This annotated bibliography also helps me quickly find the source I want to use in my project.

Lastly, I am writing this blog to keep track of what I do each week for this project as more of a project diary so that I can retrace my steps if anything gets lost in the shuffle. But also to keep me accountable if I forget to do anything that I said I would.

Below is the link to my Trello plan in case you want to check it out and see if it’s a tool you would like to use!

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