Setting the Tone

Online shopping is a global trend that never ended.

That didn’t capture your attention. No, because it was boring, and there was nothing in the sentence to grab your attention.

2.05 billion people shop online in 2020, and that number is 26% of the world’s population.

Did that capture your attention? It gave you statistics you might not have known. It gave you insight and kept you wanted to know more about what the topic of this article is.

Statistics aren’t the only way to capture someone’s attention; you can also tell a story, use a compelling quote, or ask the reader a question. 

Understanding how to capture an audience’s attention is the most crucial part of writing an introduction because it sets the tone for the rest of the project. That’s what I focused on this week. I want to have an opening that keeps readers wanting more. But it’s hard when this project isn’t for everyone.

I have a specific audience for this project, which is making the introduction both hard and easy to write. It’s hard because the hook in the first sentence isn’t for everyone, but it’s easy because I know that if the sentence hooks that audience, then I was successful. 

Understanding your audience is the first key to success when it comes to writing. You don’t want to dumb down your paper if your audience is intelligent enough to understand it, but you also don’t want to complicate your writing to the point that your audience doesn’t understand. The balance needs to be found and executed. 

Setting the tone for the rest of the project is vital. You want to keep the audience engaged the whole way through, sticking with the same tone and level of reading until the end. 

It’s easier to ask your audience a question that makes them think about the answer, which is one of my favourite things to do, but that doesn’t work on the project I am doing, which is why I’m having some trouble with writing my opening statement. 

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