The Beginning of the End

It’s the end of the sixth week of a seven-week project. We made it. There have been some ups and downs, but we are almost at the finish line. This week I did a lot of reflecting. Usually, professors and teachers ask us to write reflections on how our projects went, what we would have done differently, and such. Those reflections were always annoying to write, and I never wanted to do it. But now, with everything happening around us today, I thought I would do some reflecting.

There were times during this project where I was struggling. I struggled to stay focused; I struggled with writers’ block, and I struggled to keep up with the schedule I had set for myself. I acknowledge all of these struggles, but I haven’t let it affect my work. I am still proud of the work I’ve produced up to this point, and I am liking the way my final project is turning out. So I keep asking myself, would I have done it differently if I could redo the project? My answer is no. I wouldn’t change anything, because those struggles made me work harder. I don’t handle stress well, so my way of managing stress is to make sure I don’t have any. Even though I wouldn’t be motivated or focused on doing work, I would do it anyway because I’d instead do it then be stressed.

I’m a little sad that the project is coming to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I learned so many new things that I’m even more intrigued by the topic of my project now. This last week I focused on putting everything together. I finished the writing aspect of my project, and now I am putting in all of the visuals. I want to keep my readers engaged until the very end, and I’m hoping to do that with these visuals.

My biggest fear for this project is that people won’t find it as exciting or intriguing as I do. What if I spent all this time on the project, and I’m the only one that likes it? I know I shouldn’t care what other people think, but that’s a philosophy I believe in all aspects of life except for work. We create work to show it to people, to release it into the world, and if no one likes it, then what’s the point? I guess I’ll find out if people like it next week.

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