Out with the Old, In with the New

Glow ups aren’t just for individuals.

I started this blog, thinking it didn’t matter what it looked like as long as the content was excellent. Gradually though, I realized that the material wasn’t making up for the hideousness that was my blog. It has gone through many changes throughout the year that I’ve had it. But this, I believe, is going to be one of its final forms.

I’ll start with the home page because that’s where you land when you open the blog.

This is what you would see when you first opened my blog. On the menu bar, you have four categories, Home, About Me, Content Creation, and Graduate Studies. Underneath you have one of my all-time favorite quotes about exploring things you don’t understand. You couldn’t scroll down, because that’s all there was on the home page.

I started hating that my home page was so basic, so I decided to spice it up with a little bit of my travel history and a visual way of showing the viewer all the times I explored something new. Below is the new and improved home page.

As you can see, I added a map with a bunch of locations pinpointed. It might seem super confusing looking at it now, but if you scroll down on the home page, I wrote an explanation for what it is and why it’s important to me. I also changed the menu bar and created a drop-down menu for Graduate Studies to make it look cleaner and more straightforward.

The name of my blog is Worldwide Views. Many people always ask me why, and I wanted to create a visual representation of all the places I’ve traveled so other people can understand that as a third culture kid, I have a vastly different view in the world than many other people. The map is interactive, so when you click on it, you can know the exact location, and in some places, I found old pictures of my travels and posted them in there.

I didn’t want to only change my home page, so I changed the layout of my blog posts. Below is a direct side-by-side comparison of what the layout was, and what I changed it to.

(Before on the left, after on the right)

Looking at it now it seems like a very minor change, but I believe that it made the posts the center of attention. Before I changed the layout there was a lot of negative space on the right side and I felt it made people think it was unfinished. I centered all of the posts because I think symmetry is beautiful and it’s something our eyes are trained to find. The updated version of the layout has the same amount of negative space on both sides.

This process of updating my blog made me realize that as I grow, the blog grows with me. I want my blog to be a representation of myself, and I need to keep working, but as of right now, I am happy that I’ve found fun ways to put myself on paper, or rather the internet.

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