Media and Functionality

Adding media to blog posts and websites help increase traffic because people prefer to look at images and videos than reading a bunch of text.

Adding media is important, but it’s also important for them to have a function. The media needs to have a reason to be there and if it’s a video it needs to work otherwise you will lose traffic on your site.

In an earlier blog post, I explained the difference between HTML and CMS. WordPress makes it easy to embed links and videos. Not only do they make it easy to add them, but they also make it easy to size, reorganize, and make them look the way we want them to.

WordPress makes adding media super easy. All I have to do is click what type of media I want to embed, and then I need to plug in the source, in the Youtube video’s case the URL and then BAM it’s right there. That’s how I added the Youtube video below.

2020 Olympic Rio Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Team Final

I don’t have a Twitter Feed, so I added a Twitter post instead to show that videos and images aren’t the only things you can embed, which is below.

Everyone has social media, and if you want to show people pieces of who you are through that, you usually give out your Linkedin profile, which is why I added some social media buttons, to get to know me. They are on my About Me page along with a contact form for anyone that wants to contact me with questions.

In conclusion, adding media to websites and blogs creates a more visual experience for the user. It also makes users become loyal to your site if they continue to appreciate the visuals.

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