Top 5 Ways to Gain Traffic to Your Site

Many businesses believe that once they have a website up and running that the hard part is over when, in reality, that’s the easiest part. They now need to worry about getting traffic on their site.

Businesses can do this abundance of ways. But the most important thing is to understand who your audience is. Once you know who you are targeting, you can figure out the best ways to gain traffic. The ways to drive traffic to your site are general ways, but they need to be tailored to the business.

Email Sign-Up

Many businesses offer the choice to receive emails about discount codes, sales, and more. Other companies require you to use your email when you check out at a store, which is another way to sign up for the email newsletters. Many customers move those emails to their trash before opening it, while other customers who regularly shop from those sites open them and read them. Email marketing can create more traffic because the product or discount code on the email takes them right.

To the right is an example of an Inbox receiving email marketing.

Social Media Engagement

Using social media is one of the best ways to get traffic. Social media isn’t only Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; it includes LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. It helps create a more social media presence, which creates its rewards over time.

An example of social media engagement is H&M. They are on all kinds of platforms, which gives them a broad audience. Below are images of them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Social Media Ads

Everyone uses social media, they might not be using the same applications, but everyone has at least one on their devices. Using social media ads, companies can reach a broad audience. All devices have ads pop up that relate to conversations that happen around the device or recent searches. This is a powerful tool because company ads can pop up on any device, and customers have the opportunity to click on it and check out the site, which creates new customers.

Here is an example of an Instagram ad and a Pinterest ad

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a method encountered daily. Everyone asks for recommendations about where to buy all kinds of different products. This is one of the easiest ways to gain traffic because people talk about different things. We like to discuss what we want to buy, what we should buy, and what we shouldn’t buy but do. This is also one of the ways that is harder to control. But, one way to do this is to start the conversation.

An example for word of mouth is Amazon. Whenever someone is looking for something but they can’t find it a friend or relative usually says “Check Amazon,” or “I bought mine from Amazon.”

Influencer Marketing

The new thing to do is to watch YouTube videos or go on social media to determine whether or not a product is worth buying. This is influencer marketing. It includes paid promo ads on social media that influencers post. This isn’t only on social media or Youtube, bloggers, celebrities. Anyone who has a large following can influence and can be apart of influencer marketing.

An example of influencer marketing is, Morphe uses influencers such as James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star and many more Youtube famous beauty gurus. Below are two images, the one on the left is a post from Morphe celebrating James Charles, and the image on the right is a post from James Charles promoting Morphe.

Understanding how to gain traffic to your site is crucial if you want to create a successful business or a successful presence online. There are many ways to do so, and these are just the top five ways that many successful companies have been able to create their traffic.

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