Looking Back

Understanding the basics of code is one of those things that I’ve always wanted to learn but never thought I would because I was too scared to try. But now, during a pandemic, I was able to do so. I was able to learn and understand the basics of a topic that I once thought would be too hard to learn.

Looking back at the past seven weeks, I can happily say that I’ve produced work that I am proud of and challenged me. The past few weeks were far from easy, but I didn’t give up and kept pushing through, I did further research and extra work to make sure that the work I produced was up to my standards.

I struggled a lot with buttons. They were the hardest part to code; I couldn’t figure out how they worked or why they weren’t working, which is why I pushed myself to incorporate multiple buttons in my final project.

Looking back at my first try at coding, it’s super simple and not very exciting. There are no colors, no images; it’s just text.

This was a mere seven weeks ago. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was super happy that I was able to put words and a header onto a page. While now, I have images, text, a proper layout, and more.

The image above is only a screenshot of one section of my latest project. It’s the section I’m most proud of. It took me the longest, and it was the hardest to do.

I used to think that coding was the hardest part of working with HTML, but I changed my opinion. I think coding and creativity are the hardest parts. Being creative with the code and figuring out how you want something to look is half the battle. If you don’t have a design or idea in mind, then you can’t code because all you can do is add text to a page, and it’ll look exactly like my first try coding above.

The biggest lesson that I am walking away with after these past seven weeks of learning about HTML and coding is that patience is crucial, and even though it may seem impossible, it isn’t. I didn’t think I would be able to code a simple website, but I did. I didn’t know I would have memorized some of the tags, but I did.

I also have a more profound respect for individuals that code because it’s super hard, and it takes a lot of time to understand. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to code without further research and help.

This is not the end of my coding career. I’m going to continue to improve and work on my skills. I believe that coding is such an essential and impressive skill to have, especially in our society today. I want to continue learning and improving, and eventually, my goal is to be able to code a page by hand, without a template.

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