Budget, Buy-In and Preparing for Success are Crucial for Content Strategy

Content strategy is all about understanding what you want to create and for who. Marketers then need to figure out a way to fight for this strategy; they need to argue and debate with individuals who are higher up in the business’s food chain. 

Meghan Casey discusses budgets and buy-ins in her book The Content Strategy Toolkit. I believe that budgets are significant in content strategy because, without a budget, the content wouldn’t be possible. Every company needs to create budgets and pros and cons for every project. Casey isn’t the only professional that believes that budgets are a crucial part of content strategy. John Hill discusses risk and reward, similar to Casey, and how businesses are less likely to say no to a strategy if the reward is much higher than the risk. 

Budgets and buy-ins are fought for by marketers, which means you need to develop arguments about why this strategy is the best. While making your argument, you need to state your claim; you need to support the claim with your grounds and then warrant your grounds. After saying your grounds, you need to back up your information, and you need a rebuttal prepared. These arguments are required to get the money for your project. 

Stakeholders play a large role in a company. Stakeholders can be defined as anyone who can affect or be affected by the project. The stakeholder with the most considerable part is the one in charge of the project; they want to have the most amount of reward with the least risk possible. This is where budgets and monetary gain comes into play. 

Casey explained budgets, buy-ins, and preparing for success in-depth because they are the critical elements to having a successful content strategy. Casey explains that preparing for success is all about preparation and performance. It’s about being ready for the arguments you will need to make and standing your ground if stakeholders do not accept your claim. If you are setting up a content strategy and haven’t taken these three components into account, you will most likely not have a successful content strategy. 


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