I Am My Content

I used to think that I was a hoarder. I used to think that I needed to save everything because of its memory, but I realized that wasn’t true as I grew older. I thought that keeping everything was proof that I did it. But once my family and I started to move around a lot, and my parents told me I could only bring the essentials, I began to weed out the things I didn’t need and the things I thought were important to me. What I first thought was essential to me when I was seven and moving from Germany to Shanghai is not the same thing that I thought was important when I moved from Shanghai to college in the United States.

My mom used to have photo albums of my siblings and me, but once she realized that she couldn’t take them all, she made them digital. She added all the images to Dropbox, and now we all have access to them. This then made me think of all the content I could make digital to make sure I had them wherever I went. I don’t have the luxury to go home if I need essential paperwork, so I made sure to have those as digital files. I only keep content I know I’ll need in the future. I am one of those students who deletes the work done from class two days after the course ends. I like to keep my devices clean and organized so that I can find everything easily.

I know I am digital content because I feel as though if I need to pick up everything and move around or leave within minutes, I can do that without worrying about anything important that I don’t have with me. Many individuals have wristbands from the first time they walked into a bar or club, while other people throw them away because they are just paper. I am in the latter group. I don’t need those little things to remember small pieces of my college life. I think that pictures have enough power to do that, which is why the most content I have are images.

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