Usability Testing

Website Usability Testing: How To Get Started Today

Usability testing is a way to see how easy something is to use by having real users test the service or product. Usability tests evaluate the ease of use. The advantages of using usability testing include receiving direct feedback from the target audience to focus the project team, internal debates can be resolved by testing the issue to see how users react to the different options being discussed and lastly, issues and potential problems are highlighted before the product or service is launched. 

During my redesign of Klarna’s website, I conducted a usability test. I set up this usability test as a way to learn from the users. To learn what they like or what they hate. I listed the tasks from easiest to hardest, in my opinion. I wanted the tasks to range in ease because I wanted to see how each participant would react to the tasks. 

The tasks were as follows: 

  1. Your brother has a birthday soon and you would like to get him a brand-new pair of headphones from Bose. Find out if this store participates in Klarna. 
  2. You are a business representative that would like to partner up with Klarna. Find out how to do that. 
  3. You want to buy a pair of shoes, but you are not sure if you can return them. Find out what the return policy is. 
  4. You want to buy makeup from Colourpop with Klarna, but they are not partnered. Find out how to use a one-time use card. 
  5. You are a merchant of Klarna’s and you were told you were part of the “Merchant Spotlight.” Find out where Klarna posts their articles. 

The tasks above were executed and all of the participants were able to complete each task. The participants gave feedback after each task and any recommendations they may have to improve the website. 

The recommendations include: 

  1. Add a Search Bar. 
  2. Edit the menu bar so all the title links are different, and users won’t be confused by what each link does. 
  3. Move the Blog and Articles to a home page men and remove it from the footer. 
  4. Give the website the ability to generate a one-time use card 
  5. Have the website be as valuable as the app.

These recommendations start from specific and as you read them they become more general. 

I used usability testing because it uncovers problems in the design, it discovers opportunities to improve the design and you learn about the users behaviors and preferences. 

More details about the usability test and its findings look below at the PDF! 

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