Feelings About a Product, Service and Device

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In today’s world, no matter where we look, we are constantly bombarded with ads. We see the words “buy,” “watch,” and “subscribe” everywhere we turn. But how many advertisements do we see a day? The answer: between 6,000 to 10,000 every single day.

You see the number correctly. In 2020 it was estimated that the average person encounters 6,000 to 10,000 ads a day. Now, with that in mind, all of those ads don’t catch your attention. Most of them are ignored, but there are a few that you linger on because they strike you. You might be wondering why they interest you, and I’ll tell you why, because of the emotion they evoke.

We are going to discuss the emotional side of products, services, and devices. Feelings might not seem important, but emotions are how ads get you to use/buy a product, service, and device.

Advertisers can use many different appeals to elicit an emotional response to sell a product or service, and the best advertisers know how to trigger reactions in users. This can be seen by the brand Aerie, which doesn’t retouch its photos in campaigns because they promote body inclusivity. Or the professional athletes endorsing products that brands push towards people who look up to these athletes.  

Brands also use an emotional connection to sell the brand’s idea, not just a specific product, service, device. The brand ASPCA does that with its heartfelt commercials.

ASPCA Commercial: “Waiting”

The most successful advertising campaigns create an emotional appeal to convince the audience that what they are selling will make a difference in their lives. After purchasing the product or service of the advertisement, you become attached to it. It still holds the same emotion that you received from the ad. The way you feel about the product is just as important as how you felt about the ad. The feeling you get after you’ve purchased it decides whether you will use the product or service.

I have three personal examples. A product, service, and device that I use and how I feel about them, and what needs they address.

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Lighting my candle makes me FEEL blissful and calm because my NEED for harmony and ease are being met. I light my candle whenever I do work because the slight aroma it brings to my room allows me to relax. The flame on the candle is soothing because it flickers and is a beautiful color. It also brings me closer to my mother because she is the one who got me hooked onto candles.

Bank of America Banking App

Online Banking makes me FEEL confident and relieved because my NEED for effectiveness and independence were not being met. Now that my bank has an app for my phone, I feel lighter because I don’t have to stress about going to the bank or going on to my laptop onto the website that anyone can access on my computer. Now with the app, I have FaceID, so only I can see the inside.  The service has made me grow up.

Drawing Inspired by Black Clover drawn in Procreate on iPad

My iPad makes me FEEL inspired and exuberant because my NEED for creativity and self-expression are being met. My iPad is regularly open on drawing apps because I want it to be ready to use whenever I think of something to draw. I spend many hours sketching, and it makes me feel free. It has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my design brain.

Emotions directly affect the buying process. When we see an item, the feelings cause us to either get closer to it or stay far away from it. The three examples I gave were all positive, I use them every day, but that isn’t the same for everyone. Emotions make loyal customers.


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