Make-Believe Logo

Companies all have their own identifiers, such as the logo, the tagline and any other ways for audiences to establish a connection to the company.  Creating those identifiers can be difficult. The company needs to keep their product or service into consideration when creating the brand. Brand identity is one of the crucial ways audiences become loyal and can recognize the company through just the logo without needing the name.

I came up with a fake company to create a logo for. At the beginning it was difficult to think of a company or product that I wanted to make my logo for, but after I realized that it could be anything, I wanted I knew I immediately decided to do a makeup company. After deciding the company I started thinking about what kind of logo I wanted. I wanted a logo that didn’t have any words, I wanted it to be similar to Snapchat, or Twitter and have the image be memorable without needing words. Then I started thinking of what image would be recognizable to most people. I then decided to use an eyelash curler as the main image.

Here are some designs of the eyelash curler:

Author Robin Linda discusses about brand identity and how it needs to be easily identifiable, memorable, distinctive, sustainable, and flexible in her book Graphic Design Solutions. With all of this in mind, I decided to simplify my logo even more and decided to only have the outline, with a colorful background. Colors play an important role in all designs. I decided to forego a one color background because I wanted a bigger impact with the colors. One color can only evoke one emotion while the more colors the more emotions.

After thinking about the audience and target demographic, which I made for makeup lovers, with the main demographic being women between the ages 16 and 35. Men also buy makeup, but the majority of buyers are women which make it easier to market towards them. I chose to do a gradient color of pink and purple. I chose these colors because purple evokes the feelings of mystery and romance, while pink evokes the feelings of feminine and innocent. I wanted to add the gradient because it added movement to the logo. The eyelash curler is stagnant, which means the background would add a more compositional feel. I decided to leave the the eyelash curler as white space because it added a nice effect.

Here are the three versions of the logo:

I also created an earth toned version of the logo, because I wanted to make sure it would be flexible to fit products that could need a different logo. Which is why I also created a grayscale version of the logo. Overall, I think the logo is super simple and easy to recognize. There is no text on the logo because I wanted it to be more image based. I thoroughly enjoyed making this logo. I love the way it turned out and if a real company had this logo I would be intrigued by it.


Landa, Robin. Graphic Design Solutions. Cengage, 2019.

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