Visual Identity: Ad Design

In the previous blog I had to create a logo for a fake brand or company. So I created the company “Curl Cosmetics.” The main selling demographic for Curl Cosmetics are women between the ages of 16 and 35, which is why the main colors are pink and purple. Now that I have the logo, I needed to create an advertisement to promote the brand.

According to Robin Landa, “An advertisement is a specific message constructed to inform, persuade, promote, provoke, or motivate people on behalf of a brand.” I created an ad that is called a “consumer ad,” because it is directed towards the general public and not a specific market. This ad is also created specifically for billboards and physical consumption. Most people do not buy products based off of printed magazine or billboard advertisements, instead they are more likely to purchase products from ads on their social media platforms.

Before I started working on my ad I learned more about exactly needs to be in an ad. Landa states in her book Graphic Design Solutions that the elements include the headline, the tagline, the sign-off, and of course the image. Knowing this I started the process by taking pictures of some of the makeup products I have. I originally took pictures of the individual products, but then I realized I didn’t want to highlight one product. I then took pictures of all the products combined and decided to make a more general company advertisement instead of a single product advertisement. I then realized that if I positioned the products in a specific way around the frame of the image, I could then put the title in the middle. Below are a few of the images I took.

Once I chose the image I wanted to use, I added the text on top of the image, but I realized I didn’t like the way it looked so I removed the background of the image and made it all one color. I used blue, because it evokes calmness and serenity. I wanted the ad to be simple but effective. After the background color was decided I moved on to the text and chose the font and color. I decided to use a simple font, because it needed to be legible from far away, due to it being a billboard ad. I put the title in the middle, I added the logo on the lower left hand corner and I put the tagline and other extra text in the upper right hand corner. This created a diagonal visual hierarchy.

This is only one ad but it represents the entire company. The products in the picture, shows the audience that they don’t specialize in one product. It gives the audience an small overview of the different products that the company has. If I were to continue this ad campaign, I would start highlighting the top products that the company would want to showcase. Overall, I really enjoyed this project.  

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