An Apps Point of View

App designers can affect the lives of millions of individuals, unlike other types of designers. Almost three billion people around the world uses smartphones, which means that an application can have world-changing consequences. But how do designers create apps that are widely accepted? How can an app make real change? The answer is simple: through analysis and refinement.

I am going to discuss the importance of every person that makes their voice available online. This will be done by reading app reviews, and by analyzing the responses. These reviews will allow me to look at what the users want in the apps the developers and designers create. This process is called point of view. It’s a way to create an idea of what audiences want based on user feedback.

What is Point of View?

Point of view statements are determined based on comparing hundreds of reviews. The more changes there are made because of these reviews the more reviews are made about the update until the app meets as many needs as for the user as possible. To provide examples of this process, I will look at an app and break down two PoV statements by looking at three positive, three negative, and three suggestive type reviews.

The PoV statement is formulated as follows:

[User … (description)] needs [need … (verb)] because [insight … (compelling)].

Positive reviews are completed by happy users that want others to know why they like the app, and how it met their needs.

Negative revies are usually made by disgruntled users that want to provide information about why they had an awful experience.

Suggestive reviews are the ones that are worth the most to developers and designers. These provide insight from users that want the app to succeed but they have squabbles that they need to address in order for that to happen. These reviews usually mention ways to improve the app or the experience.

I decided to do three different drawing apps to add more emphasis on what some apps do well that others might struggle.

Example – Procreate

PoV Statements

  1. Procreate needs to create an edit history button, because users want to be back track on edits they made without needing to undo everything between that edit and the most recent edit.
  2. Users need an eraser dropping tool, because users don’t want to manually erase a large part of their artwork.

Below is the full document of all three apps and analysis:

Point of view statements are important because they are a guiding statement that focuses on specific users, and insights and needs that you uncovered during the empathize mode. This statement is more than simply defining the problem that needs to be worked on. It is the unique design vision that is crafted based on the discoveries made during the empathy stage. Understanding the challenge that needs to be addressed leads to insights that can help the design become a successful solution.

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