Brochure: The Shanghai Experience

Inside of Brochure

I was tasked to create a travel brochure, so I created a fictional travel agency. The brochure I created is a trifold and I created both the inside and the outside of the brochure. For the agency I needed to create a name and I needed to figure out who my target audience was. Once I decided that I would be promoting Shanghai, China as my brochure focus, I created the name. I grew up in China, so I was super excited to get this project started.

The first thing I tackled design-wise was how I wanted the entire brochure to look. I wanted to make sure that I incorporated a most of the principles of design. These include; emphasis, balance, contrast, repetition, proportion, movement, and white space. Realizing that this is a trifold brochure I needed to make sure that the whole piece would flow through each section. I incorporated balance and movement by making all three sections fit together. Once I had the design of the brochure I could figure out ways to create more balance, emphasis, contrast and proportion it correctly. I went through my camera roll and found the images I wanted to use and put them onto the brochure. I then realized that I needed to add text to break up the images.

Below are a few rough designs of what I thought the brochure could look like.

Robin Landa from Graphic Design Solutions discussed the importance of proportions. The first importance of proportions is “how we consider size relationships, parts to one another and to the whole.” The second role that proportion plays is “an aesthetic one – a harmonious relationship of parts to one another and within the whole composition.” This was very important to keep in mind as I completed my design.

Besides the overall design, the images and texts on the brochure the next crucial part of the design are the colors. Colors make the biggest difference in a design, an entire design would look completely different and have a very different feel. I tested the brochure with a few different background colors, but I realized that the colors were not the perfect match for the feeling that I wanted to convey. After doing some thinking I decided to use the colors of the Chinese flag. Which are red and yellow, this caused me to do some research on the colors. According to Justin Baker in the article The Ultimate UX Guide to Color Design the general color red means bold, youthful, and excitement. Seeing the color red increases your heart rate, creates urgency, it also brings up energy. The general color yellow means optimism, clarity, and warmth. Yellow is often used as a color to grab the attention of users. Doing some more research about the actual Chinese flag I learned that the color red stands for the communist revolution, and the color yellow is a symbolic color, it is the imperial color. This then inspired me to use yellow in the stripe, with the four bullet points, to represent the large yellow star and the four smaller ones on the flag. With red being the background, mirroring the flag.

Outside of Design

Now, back to the elements on the design, I completed the inside of the design with the text, and images and made them all fit cohesively. I then started working on the outside of the brochure. I wanted to keep the background design, with the colors and the stripe. I added more images on the front so users would pick it up, see the images and want to go there because of the images. Now that I had all the images, and text down, I still had an empty yellow strip on both the inside and the outside. I then decided to put the name of the company inside the stripe. It would add an element of movement to the brochure and I thought it was the perfect fit. But I quickly realized I has a whole section empty on the bottom right hand side of the brochure. I then decided to add a Chinese element to the brochure and wrote Shanghai in Mandarin. I kept a lot of white space to emphasis the words. I kept the front and back the same to keep unity throughout the brochure.

Overall, I really enjoyed this project and I think Shanghai is a must travel to destination and should be on everyone’s bucket list.


Baker, Justin. “The Ultimate UX Guide to Color Design.” Medium, Muzli – Design Inspiration, 1 Sept. 2019,

Landa, Robin. Graphic Design Solutions. Cengage, 2019.

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