Ideation Techniques

Design Thinking: Ideation The third step in the design thinking process is ideation. As discussed in a previous post, ideation is part of the process where you approach the problem with an open mind and consider every possibility, combining both the rational and imaginative side of your brain. As a quick reminder the five steps … More Ideation Techniques

Ideation Mash-Up

Ideation Thinking Within the design thinking process ideation is the stage where you generate ideas. You generate as many ideas as you possibly can, before reducing the ideas down to the most realistic solutions where you then begin prototyping. Ideation tasks us with combining both our conscious and unconscious minds, pairing the rational side of … More Ideation Mash-Up

An Apps Point of View

App designers can affect the lives of millions of individuals, unlike other types of designers. Almost three billion people around the world uses smartphones, which means that an application can have world-changing consequences. But how do designers create apps that are widely accepted? How can an app make real change? The answer is simple: through … More An Apps Point of View

Make-Believe Logo

Companies all have their own identifiers, such as the logo, the tagline and any other ways for audiences to establish a connection to the company.  Creating those identifiers can be difficult. The company needs to keep their product or service into consideration when creating the brand. Brand identity is one of the crucial ways audiences … More Make-Believe Logo