Writing for the Ear

Writing for the ear and writing for the eye are not the same thing. Writing for the ear includes storytelling, lectures, power-point presentations, podcasts, speeches, and commercials. You have to pay close attention to how the piece might sound when read aloud and consider how people might react when listening to it. There are some … More Writing for the Ear

Business Writing

Business writing is different from all of the other writing we have done up to this point. Business writing has it’s very own rules and guidelines that should be followed. Here are some of the main things we should focus on to write business style effectively.  1. Clear Purpose  Be clear in what you are conveying. … More Business Writing

Social Media Long Form

With technology firmly embedded into our lives, social media and online shopping have become an essential part of almost everyone’s daily routine. Millennials and Generation Z teens are online more and are more prone to being “addicted” to the internet. These generations have grown up turning towards the internet to answer all of their questions. … More Social Media Long Form

My Professional Bio

Kim Kerremans is a senior simultaneously pursuing both her Bachelor in Journalism and her Masters in Integrated Media and Communications at Quinnipiac University. She spent this past summer in California interning at Leaf and Roses, a start-up tea company. Here she spent hours developing email campaigns and creating social media posts while learning how to … More My Professional Bio

Role of the Audience

“Am I writing for myself or am I writing for the reader?” It’s a loaded question. One that has many different angles of approach. William Zinsser, author of, On Writing Well says, “You are writing for yourself … every reader is a different person.” (Zinsser, 2019) Everyone is different, so why cater to someone that … More Role of the Audience