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Project Proposal

Create a project. Does that sound easy or hard? At first, it sounded easy. I had so many ideas going through my head I was super excited that I could create whatever I wanted. But when I sat down to start brainstorming and putting my ideas on paper, I had nothing. It started to feel … More Project Proposal

Project Plan

Last week I explained the project proposal and how I got to my idea and what my process was. This week I’ll tell you my plan. I started with the project definition, which helped make my plan more reliable, and it made me think of all the different aspects of the project so that I … More Project Plan

Getting Started Isn’t Easy

This past week has been a roller coaster ride. I’ll start by saying that everything that’s happening around us today is very intense. We began the year with COVID-19; we were all quarantined and told to stay home. But now, there are protests every single night for the Black Lives Matter movement. This year is one for … More Getting Started Isn’t Easy

Setting the Tone

Online shopping is a global trend that never ended. That didn’t capture your attention. No, because it was boring, and there was nothing in the sentence to grab your attention. 2.05 billion people shop online in 2020, and that number is 26% of the world’s population. Did that capture your attention? It gave you statistics you might not have … More Setting the Tone

Staying Motivated

People do month-long projects for their jobs, and they have no problem with sticking to it day in and day out. So, why am I struggling to create a seven-week long project? It’s week five of my seven-week project, and I have lost motivation. I don’t know why because I love the topic of my … More Staying Motivated

The Beginning of the End

It’s the end of the sixth week of a seven-week project. We made it. There have been some ups and downs, but we are almost at the finish line. This week I did a lot of reflecting. Usually, professors and teachers ask us to write reflections on how our projects went, what we would have … More The Beginning of the End

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