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Budget, Buy-In and Preparing for Success are Crucial for Content Strategy

Content strategy is all about understanding what you want to create and for who. Marketers then need to figure out a way to fight for this strategy; they need to argue and debate with individuals who are higher up in the business’s food chain.  Meghan Casey discusses budgets and buy-ins in her book The Content Strategy … More Budget, Buy-In and Preparing for Success are Crucial for Content Strategy

Content Strategy Through The Years

Content strategy has changed over the past decade. It wasn’t popular at the beginning of the decade, and now you can’t have successful content without it. It used to be very simple, with only putting out advertisements on billboards or book covers. While today your content strategy needs to have an actual plan with more … More Content Strategy Through The Years

I Am My Content

I used to think that I was a hoarder. I used to think that I needed to save everything because of its memory, but I realized that wasn’t true as I grew older. I thought that keeping everything was proof that I did it. But once my family and I started to move around a … More I Am My Content

All About Content

Content creation, content marketing, and content strategy are all related. Content creation requires a content strategy to be effective, and content marketing needs content creation. They are different steps in achieving the same goal. Content Creation Christina Perricone¬†described content creation as “the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written … More All About Content

Content Analysis: MNDA

Using the Motor Neurone Disease Association website and content analysis report done by Bernard Marr I created a content analysis. MNDA is a website that provides information about motor neurone disease and support for individuals that have it.

Ethical Marketing

Ethical marketing is significant for companies nowadays. It refers to how companies market their goods and services by focusing on how their products benefit customers and how they benefit socially responsible or environmental causes. According to, journalist and web content specialist, Dan Shewan 92% of millennial customers are more likely to buy products from ethical … More Ethical Marketing

Content Design: Core Pages

Below is a PDF file of designs created for the City of Prairie Du Chien, WI website. First, there will be a prioritization matrix with content that is most important and less important to the website and business. Next there will be a sitemap design. I created a simple design of what the website should … More Content Design: Core Pages

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