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Let’s Get Deep

Have you ever started doing work or something important and gotten distracted by your phone or your laptop? Do you feel like every time you sit down to do work, you are automatically attracted to one of your devices? You are not alone, it happens to us all. This week’s readings made me do a … More Let’s Get Deep

Forgetting about Instagram

“One flick of the finger, followed by another flick, and another. We often find ourselves subconsciously scrolling through social media apps and not actively digesting the content,” wrote Anish Bhanot.   We check our phones and social media throughout the day. We look at it when we are bored, waiting in line for something, or … More Forgetting about Instagram

Procrastination is NOT key

“They key to developing a deep work habit is to move beyond good intentions and add routines and rituals to your working life.” – Cal Newport Project management is something many people struggle with. Many people have planners, To-Do lists, or they use apps such as Trello or AirTable to help them. I am one … More Procrastination is NOT key

Split Screen = Split Mind

“Even if breaks do not actually make your assignments less boring, the positive effects of combating fatigue and reducing stress will maintain focus, as the overall time engaged in your assignment becomes more rewarding.” — Adam Gazzaley and Larry D. Rosen We have officially reached the point in our society where we are one with … More Split Screen = Split Mind

Distracting ourselves; it’s what we’re good at

“Don’t take breaks from distraction, instead take breaks from focus.” Cal Newport Our attention span is officially smaller than the average goldfish. Goldfish have the attention span of nine seconds and now according to a new study from Microsoft Crop., people lose concentration after eight seconds, according to Kevin McSpadden. He says that this study … More Distracting ourselves; it’s what we’re good at

Deep Work Can Help UX Design

Deep work and user experience design aren’t normally seen as two things that go hand in hand, however it is possible. Deep work can be utilized in the user experience career field to improve the quality of work and the duration of how long the work takes. There are many tips and tricks that can … More Deep Work Can Help UX Design

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