Visual Design

Attempt At Abstract Art

I am a fan of abstract art because there is never a clear cut message portrayed by the artist. I like to think of the interpretations of the art. A conceptual artist that I continue to gravitate to is Andres Ramos. He is known for his vibrant art through his photo post-processing and digital art … More Attempt At Abstract Art

Let Your Composition Fly

We as a society have come so far since the very beginning of information. It used to be binary and linear; now, it is ever-changing. Due to computers and cyberspace, we can create something out of nothing. We can make music from a picture, paint a picture from sound, and so much more. We can … More Let Your Composition Fly

Tear Typography

Typography is defined as the style and appearance of printed matter. Typography plays such a significant role in all mediums. Whether it’s in movies, articles, posters, or books. The font, text size, and text type are critical aspects that make it visually pleasing for users. Typographic design is all about how we want our words … More Tear Typography

My Take On Glaser

“In nature, light creates color. In the picture, color creates the light.” Hans Hofmann Milton Glaser is among one of the most celebrated graphic designers in the U.S., he designed a poster for Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits. This piece of art inspired my design. To recreate a piece like Glaser’s, I picked a celebrity I … More My Take On Glaser

Movie Poster: Three’s A Crowd

I love romantic comedies, AKA rom-coms, I know it sounds cliché but they are my favorite movies to watch. Which is why I decided that my movie poster would be for a rom-com. I’ve seen enough posters to know what they should look like and what feeling they should evoke. Which was the start of … More Movie Poster: Three’s A Crowd

Make-Believe Logo

Companies all have their own identifiers, such as the logo, the tagline and any other ways for audiences to establish a connection to the company.  Creating those identifiers can be difficult. The company needs to keep their product or service into consideration when creating the brand. Brand identity is one of the crucial ways audiences … More Make-Believe Logo

Visual Identity: Ad Design

In the previous blog I had to create a logo for a fake brand or company. So I created the company “Curl Cosmetics.” The main selling demographic for Curl Cosmetics are women between the ages of 16 and 35, which is why the main colors are pink and purple. Now that I have the logo, … More Visual Identity: Ad Design

Designing: Mobile and Web Pages

Every company needs a website. The website needs to be versatile and is the home where all users go to. Users can see the products and get a feel for the company’s values, and they see if the company is genuine. A few years ago, it was easy to throw information on the page. Still, … More Designing: Mobile and Web Pages

Brochure: The Shanghai Experience

I was tasked to create a travel brochure, so I created a fictional travel agency. The brochure I created is a trifold and I created both the inside and the outside of the brochure. For the agency I needed to create a name and I needed to figure out who my target audience was. Once … More Brochure: The Shanghai Experience