Visual Storytelling


Imagery and Narrative

Understanding the story from text is easy because you read the story; there is no need for creativity or imagination. This cannot be said for images. Images look different to different people because they allow the individual to create their own story that fits the picture. Below are seven images from Anime shows that I … More Imagery and Narrative

Visible Emotions

We have the ability understand an emotion by the way it looks. Emojis are the perfect way to explain this. We know that a happy face has a smile, we understand that an angry face has furrowed brows, and we understand that a sad face has a frown. Psychologist Robert Plutchik created a wheel with … More Visible Emotions

Mixed Emotions

Conveying emotions through images can be challenging because the viewer may not understand the feeling that it is trying to be shared. The key to getting emotion is through a story; images need to have a story that belongs to it, whether the viewer creates that story or if the object within the image is … More Mixed Emotions

Visualizing Numbers

“Data visualization is another form of visual art that grabs our interest and keeps our eyes on the message.” (Data Visualization beginner’s guide) After learning more about data visualization and how the viewer could understand an image. Most graphs representing statistics are bar graphs or pie charts, which is a primary way to convey information. … More Visualizing Numbers

New York City To Do List

New York City is one of the most popular cities that travelers and tourists have on their bucket lists. There are many tourist attractions in New York City that are a must. But first you have to get there. If you live far from New York you will most likely have to fly to an … More New York City To Do List

Japanese Animation VS American Cartoon

Below is an ignite presentation about how a Japanese anime show, My Hero Academia, and an American cartoon, Avatar: The Last Airbender, depicted emotions. It was a comparison to find out if they represented the emotions in the same way or not.

Biggest Sin In Visual Storytelling

Many sins occur in visual storytelling; they include manipulating images, relying on stock images, using misleading or inaccurate data visuals, or using watermarked images.  Manipulating images is the biggest sin in visual storytelling because when we look at pictures in a news article, we trust the journalist to show us the truth. We put our … More Biggest Sin In Visual Storytelling

Anime VS Cartoon: Facial Expressions

Japanese anime and American cartoons are two very distinct illustrative outlets. They are nothing alike stylistically. One anime show, My Hero Academia, and two cartoon shows, Avatar: The Last Airbender and South Park, will be analyzed to determine if they portray emotions similarly or differently. They might depict the emotion the same way, or they … More Anime VS Cartoon: Facial Expressions

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